Clinical Diagnostics

Anything with patients has to be taken care at precision level, and having that thought deep in our business culture is one of the primary reasons we want the patients to come first , their cure is our vision, bioatech brings in one of the best sample prep solutions to clinical labs, below you will find our portfolio and details.


  1. Corning

    Corning is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of plastics, lab essentials, reagents, and glasswares. Their portfolio include, all kinds of plastic and consumables and reagents knitted well with any kind research either it be cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology etc.

    They are committed to enhancing cell culture and accelerating discovery worldwide through dedicated customer service, innovative product solutions, and technical expertise. We strive to make cell culture research more efficient and convenient for researchers by offering outstanding quality, consistency, and value.

    Falcon range of products of Corning are the world leading almost only IVF consumables provider due to their quality, consistency and cost effectiveness.

    Their brand of products includes Falcon, Axygen, Pyrex and Goselin range of products. View More >>

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  1. Micromaster

    Micromaster is a premier manufacturer of high quality dehydrated culture media for clinical applications. Our products are well established due to the high quality. Our team of true professionals has decades of experience in developing and manufacturing dehydrated culture media and other microbiology products. They are all meticulously organized, tirelessly struck to tasks and result oriented. Flexibility is key to Micromasters philosophy. The ability to supply small or large users, quickly, without sacrificing quality.

    Micromaster offers a complete range of Microbiology products in standard pack sizes. Our Custom Media Capabilities give us the flexibility to provide customer specific formulations of dehydrated media and special packaging options.

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  1. Zinexts

    Zinexts Life Science is a Biotechnology Company that is designing, developing and manufacturing a wide array of advanced, reliable and cost-effective molecular diagnostics products for life science, research and clinical diagnosis. Zinexts has proven technology for extraction of DNA/RNA from various samples for various downstream applications.

    • Satisfying Partner and User Demands on Molecular Diagnostic Automation Systems.
    • Developing of innovative, high-quality and cost-effective Solutions in the areas of MEMS Biosensors, Sample Preparation and Unique qPCR related assays.
    • Providing a valuable platform, that allows Partner and User to get involved in New Product Development.

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  1. Covaris

    Covaris provides tools and technologies to improve pre-analytical sample preparation, enable novel drug formulations, and manage compounds in the drug discovery process.

    The Covaris technological foundation is based on its proprietary and patented AFA™ technology. AFA enables a vast array of non-contact, isothermal processes to be developed for use in a broad range of applications in Genomics, Proteomics, Cell Biology and Drug Discovery, and Formulation. Thousands of Focused-ultrasonicators are in use in over 30 countries and customers include the world’s leading researchers, universities, and pharmaceutical companies.

    Covaris also develops devices and workflow systems to improve the discovery and measurement of molecules and biomarkers in tissue. CryoPrep™, tissueTUBE™ and t-PREP™ enable a tissue samples to be thermally stabilized, reconfigured and chemically stabilized in a system that produces high extraction yields.

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Hermle LaborTechnik

  1. Hermle LaborTechnik

    For more than 50 years - HERMLE centrifuges are being sold to all parts of the world. Harald Hermle Once a division of Berthold Hermle AG in Gosheim, HERMLE Labortechnik GmbH in Wehingen is a company of its own since the end of 1993. Managing Director Head of Finance and Controlling The whole production program has been entirely renewed during that time. Each unit stands for efficiency, versatility and easy handling.

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  1. Filterlab

    Filtros Anoia, SA with the trademark Filter-Lab, is a company specialized in the manufacture of filter papers for industrial, laboratory (analysis, chromatography, testing, drying, pH, lens cleaning ...). Prioritizing quality at all times, respect the environment and health of people.

    The filter paper that makes Filtros Anoia is useful for a wide variety of applications, and in many cases be incorporated into production processes in sectors as committed as food, sterilization of critical components or other processes for which a guarantee is essential quality without question.

    As for support and advice, Filtros Anoia, SA provides the necessary information so that the customer has the filter papers more suitable for use where they are deployed, in addition to appropriate complementary items.

    The advice offered by Filtros Anoia, can be very helpful for the client, since thanks to the wide range of products Filter Lab, you can find solutions that maximizes the performance in those processes that are to be used.

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